Family Villas


Leshem cabin is accessed via a shaded yard which includes a fire-pit, around which the guests can sit on the outdoor sofa, or swing on the hammock and observe the wide desertscape. A wide dipping pool is located near the terrace, with a wooden desert hot-tub a short distance away. The cabin itself holds a well equipped kitchen and a hearth for the winter months. The central area leads to 2 separate bedrooms, each of which with a large double bed. The villa has a spacious bathroom with a large bathtub. Leshem cabin is located on a soft hill overlooking the wide open spaces, and its large living room window invites the desert beauty inside.

Leshem villa is a family villa but is also suitable for 2 couples.

Air Conditioner Air Conditioner
Ceiling fan Ceiling fan
Fully equipped kitchenette Fully equipped kitchenette
Coffee Spot Coffee Spot
Tree fireplace Tree fireplace
Outdoor Grill Outdoor Grill
Shower Shower
Hot Bath Hot Bath
Bonfire Bonfire
Dog Friendly Dog Friendly
Small Pool Small Pool
Jacuzzi Jacuzzi
Hammock Hammock
60 Square Meters 60 Square Meters

Price List

Prices per villa up to 4 guests, not including breakfast

Midweek price list (Minimum 2 nights)

1200 NIS per night

Weekend/Holiday price list (Minimum 2 nights)

1400 NIS per night

Single night (based on availability)

Sunday-Wednesday: 1200 NIS | Weekends and Holidays: 1500 NIS

5th guest requires additional payment. Child up to 14 years old – 100 NIS | Adult – 200 NIS (mattresses will be provided). **Cellular and Wi-Fi reception quite limited in the villa. Full reception in the central area.

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