The Serenity of the Desert


In Midbara we try to keep the balance between Man and Nature.

The cabins are all spacious, well-equipped, and luxurious – while maintaining the respect for simplicity, humbled before the beauty of the desert surrounding it. 

From a distance only desert is seen. A distinct presence of primordial nature. After getting a bit closer, the eye begins to see the white camels, the Acacias´ bloom, natural pools and several cabins hiding between the Retama-filled hills. Facing the Ashosh Natural Reserve, 13 cabins are located surrounded by powerful, towering mountain ranges.

Each cabin is special and unique – a couple´s cabin isolated on a hilltop, a stone-built family cabin, another that is especially widened and handicap-accessible, as well as five ecologically-built cob-cabins - all located near a different water source, such as small ephemeral ponds, swimming pools, and a wooden desert Hammam.