Couples Villas


Right by the central area, with windows overlooking the Wadi, is the cob-cabin Zogan.

The villa itself seems as if growing out of its surrounding soil, between the Caper and Hyssop bushes. An oval Jacuzzi is built in the center of the cabin, dividing the sleeping and resting areas from the kitchen. By the Jacuzzi is located a metal fireplace which keeps the cabin warm during the winter months. In the terrace, a rock bed is carved into the stone, inviting the guests to relax and overlook the desert spreading out below, the open spaces, the speckled starts, and the Dollar Bush bloom.

Zogan is a couple’s cabin.

Air Conditioner Air Conditioner
Ceiling fan Ceiling fan
Fully equipped kitchenette Fully equipped kitchenette
Coffee Spot Coffee Spot
Tree fireplace Tree fireplace
Outdoor Grill Outdoor Grill
Shower Shower
Bonfire Bonfire
Dog Friendly Dog Friendly
Small Pool Small Pool
Jacuzzi Jacuzzi
Hammocks Hammocks
Hammock Hammock
35 Square Meters 35 Square Meters

Price List

Prices per couple not including breakfast

Midweek price list (Minimum 2 nights)

700 NIS per night

Weekend/Holiday price list (Minimum 2 nights)

800 NIS per night

Single night (based on availability)

Sunday-Wednesday: 800 NIS | Weekends and Holidays: 900 NIS

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