Couples Villas


A wooden desert Hammam (hot-tub) is built in the cabin’s yard, suitable for couples. The open inner space holds a bedroom, a fireplace, a sitting area, and a kitchen. The cob bricks are left exposed in the living room walls, telling the story of the villa’s construction. In a separate room there’s a bathroom with its hand-sculpted bath. The cabin is accessed via a shaded terrace with a wide double outdoor bed sculpted out of stone and wood. Bosem villa also invites its guests outdoors – to lay down, watch the stars peaking between the Willow branches, and imagine the caravans passing through the historical Incense (Bosem) Trade Route which was located nearby.

Bosem is a couples’ cabin, but is spacious enough to accommodate more than 2 guests alone.

Air Conditioner Air Conditioner
Ceiling fan Ceiling fan
Fully equipped kitchenette Fully equipped kitchenette
Coffee Spot Coffee Spot
Tree fireplace Tree fireplace
Outdoor Grill Outdoor Grill
Shower Shower
Hot Bath Hot Bath
Bonfire Bonfire
Dog Friendly Dog Friendly
Outdoor Bed Outdoor Bed
Hammocks Hammocks
Hammock Hammock
35 Square Meters 35 Square Meters

Price List

Prices per couple not including breakfast

Midweek price list (Minimum 2 nights)

800 NIS per night

Single night (based on availability)

Sunday-Wednesday: 850 NIS | Weekends and Holidays: 900 NIS

Child 0-2 years old – No additional payment required (a crib is available - must be requested upon booking). Child up to 14 years old – 100 NIS | Adult – 200 NIS (mattresses will be provided). Up to 2 additional children | Up to 3 adults in the villa.

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